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Jan 21, 2013 2:30pm PST
with the enemies of israel. >> he is trying to reestablish his right-wing credentials by supporting more building in jewish settlements of occupied palestinian land, which is seen illegal by international law. but even that is not enough to appease some of his former supporters on the right. -- >> one report said that there was a record surge in settlement expansion, not enough for those on the right to say that he is not tough enough for the palestinians. >> israel has to be strong on their negotiations and by being weak -- this is detrimental. >> others worry that his decision to form an alliance with the older-nationalist lieberman could hurt israel overseas. >> israel is going to be under the brunt of increased international criticism and what is most dangerous is the criticism from europe and the united states, not from the people who don't particularly like us. >> benjamin netanyahu and barack obama have never been close, and the u.s. president is resigned to a difficult relationship with a more right-wing government in israel. -- >> an election watched very closely, even here on inaugurati
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
with israel. he says israel is ignoring the palestinian issue because it does not threaten their security. >> attempts to put the \ palestinians down and restrict their movement. all of this is not costing them much. >> one party on the right that is talking about the occupation, its leader, says he will propose that israel gets 60% of the west bank. >> he is expected to win the election. >> he can get israelis whatever they want without any threat. they can do whatever they want with total impunity. >> they are divided by the separation wall. some people believe that is why the occupation is not an election issue. >> they do not have to think about dealing with it because they have the army taking care of it. >> while israel prepares for the election, it controls the larger palestinians in the occupied territories. that is one issue politicians believe -- >> the slightest promises the government is not committing to reform. >> they say they are praying for stability. the muslim brotherhood is boycotting the does the government refuses to change a law they say is unconstitutional because
FOX News
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
was announcing israel would have to act. i think obama is going to have to face that either to prevent the israelis in some way or to give a red light or to think of contingencies israelis attacked how the u.s. will react. >> you will likely see senator kerry take over for senator clinton likely a shoe in. chuck hagel may have a bumpyer ride but will likely be confirmed as secretary of defense. you see a different foreign policy with those people key positions for president obama's second term? >> no question about it. first and foremost what you see not only with kerry but with john brennan now playing a key role is there is more of an effort to one slim down the size of the defense and military footprint the united states has worldwide. i think that is on the democratic budget side that is a priority. slim down spending. as a matter of foreign policy that the military and use of military force should not be the first option. i think that is what you see from hagel and kerry. of course the reinvention the cia will change as well as part of the equation. let me say that i think the adm
Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
? yes. should israel be forced to negotiate with them if they don't recognize israel's right to exist, if they don't renounce violence? no, absolutely. third, sanctions. do you support increased sanctions? would you support unilateral sanctions in? yes. there were differences between those statements then and now. he said they were five, six, seven years ago. the world has changed. even george bush didn't have a regime against iran at that point in time. i told him i was going to make these remarks public. and he said, go right ahead because i'm going to say the same thing at the hearings. at those hearings, he'll allay the concerns of the people. none of the major groups that's come out against hagel, most of it comes politically from the hard right. >> we will leave it there. you spend your morning with cruz, and then you get to hang out with beyonce as chair of the inaugural committee. working hard. >> david, let me point out, every one of those issues that chuck just mentioned for hagel, he disagreed in his record with chuck schumer on israel, on iran, on hezbollah. hagel's record
Jan 21, 2013 4:00am EST
if israel could be medicining for a right coalition as benjamin netanyahu says he is prepared to work with the naturalist home. and we'll take a look at travel chaos across the continent as snow and freezing conditions cause plenty of disruption in the air and on the road. now, germany's social democrats are celebrating a stunning victory in lower saxony secured with the victory of just one seat. support for angela merkel's christian democrats fell by 657 percentage points, but the chance ler herself continues to ride high on opinion polls. for more on what all of this means, silvia wadhwa is here to join us on set. good morning to you. i guess, is this -- this is being presented as a blow to angela merkel or at least to her party. but given there's just a one-seat differential in the outcome, is that too strong? >> yes, it is. i think that there are two trends here. one trend is that both major parties, the social democrats and angela merkel are not really on a winning streak. they both have problems. the social democratic contender, the federal elections, is thinking fast or has bee
Jan 20, 2013 4:30pm PST
armed services committee. he's been to scrawl twice in the last month -- israel twice in the last months. he's a star among the tea party crowd. people are talking about him. i have a possible 2016 contender. the problem being he was born in canada. >> the cliche that young people are liberal and ultra conservative is wrong. but it is true now. and that highlights the challenge. what they need to do is figure out a way to go make a kind of small government market economy-based case to young people, without turning them off. chris: could the cheap investment be a younger candidate like rubio? >> i don't think so. chris: when we come back, the second obama nomination, is it as significant as his first? chris: welcome back. this week's big question, is the second obama inauguration as significant as the first? joe klein? >> it's more significant for republicans because they now know they are a minority party. but we won't have 2 million people in the mall tomorrow. >> fewer people. but if he hadn't been re-elected it would have been very significant that the first black president was only a
Jan 20, 2013 9:00pm EST
a little bit of trouble getting in but once we got into israel coming to israel and jerusalem they chose not to oppose it to a i'm sure that they had shut it down if they wanted to >> host: the word terrorism as always mentioned. here you found the interest in nonviolence. >> guest: yes, including one of the students that had worked with me in the class and i had taken him to india. a student from ramallah so i had a palestinian student in hindu india and he comes back to his hometown in ramallah and now she is one of the leaders of the nonviolent movement and on the west bank and he staged the freedom ride. >> host: how did it turn out? >> guest: they got arrested of course. that's what happens. but it was a way of challenging the discrimination against palestinians in a non-violent way. >> host: there's so much to talk about. we didn't get into your being on the mall again that was dedicated. did you have anything to do with the major -- >> guest: i tell the full story of that, all the good and bad and we see part of the vision set in stone and we see the things that were set in stone
Jan 21, 2013 12:00am EST
into israel and coming through israel into jerusalem it was not to oppose it. i'm sure they could have shut it down if they wanted to. >> host: we always hear of some conflict and the word terrorism is always mentioned. here you found the net interest and nonviolence. >> host: >> guest: including one of the students that had taken my class and i had taken him to india. a student from ramallah so i would take him to hindu and he comes back to his home town of ramallah and is one of the leaders of the nonviolent movement on the west bank and stays the freedom ride in the west bank. >> host: how did it turn out? >> guest: i got arrested of course, but it was a way of challenging the discrimination against the palestinians in a non-violent way. >> host: there is so much to talk about. we didn't get to your being on the mall again when the monument was dedicated. did you have anything to do with the drum major concord? >> guest: i tell the story of that, the good and that and you see part of the division and of the things that are set in stone -- >> host: how did you feel when you stand and look
Jan 21, 2013 12:00pm PST
medio oriente, si se refiere a israel con los palestinos. >>> el problema de la primavera Árabe, paÍses autoritarios de larga data, paÍses que estÁn encarando, egipto que lo fue. es una construcciÓn no fÁcil. el tema de iran es importante tambiÉn. >>> y se le increpÓ mucho a obama por el tema de iran, pero la polÍtica del presidente fue funcionando, iran estÁ en una situaciÓn difÍcil, el presidente buscÓ alianzas internacionales. >>> obama y su segundo mandato tendrÁ que enfrentar a un iran nuclear. >>> creo que no, eso no se va a permitir. >>> y cÓmo se puede no permitir si llega un momento dado que el programa nuclear avanza hasta llegar a la bomba sin una intervenciÓn. >>> por eso se busca el embargo a iran, que lo estÁ perjudicando, cayÓ el valor de la moneda en un 50%. dio indicios que necesita conversar. los entendidos del asunto que dicen que todavÍa iran estÁ lejos de poder tener una bomba, y la opiniÓn en israel es dividida, eso lo sabemos por algunas controversias que hay entre el sector de inteligencia, y cuidado con eso tambiÉn. >>> seguimos analizando es
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
. west african nations have begun sending troops as wlt. this was election eve in israel, and prime minister benjamin netanyahu appeared likely to keep power-- but not by much. today he urged voters to "come home" to his conservative coalition. polls suggested he could lose seats to an even more conservative challenger. millionaire naftali bennett and his far-right jewish home party have gained momentum. he opposes new peace initiatives with the palestinians. the u.s. house will vote wednesday on raising the national debt ceiling. republican leaders announced today the extension lets the government continue borrowing money until may 19. the current debt ceiling-- $16.4 trillion-- could be reached as early as mid-february. the house bill does not specify a new dollar amount. it does mandate that congress approve budgets, or lawmakers won't be paid. major league baseball lost two hall of famers over the weekend. st. louis cardinals great stan musial-- "stan the man"-- died saturday at his home just outside the city. he played 22 years, helping the cards win three world series titles i
Jan 21, 2013 1:00pm EST
. i, and my research assistants, including josh israel, who is up there someplace and is going to give us some entertainment with johnson and king talking. could not possibly have gotten as far as we got in trying to unravel the story without the resources of the archives and the unfailingly courteous, bright, helpful people from the archives. and i want to personally thank them, not only in behalf of myself but in behalf of other people who work in this field. they're just great. the idea of this book was sort of a gamble. it was a hunch. i wondered -- there have been lots of books written about king. lots of books written about johnson. there's been lots of books written about civil rights. but no one had taken johnson and king together, put them under a microscope, and watched what they did day-by-day through an incredible period of history. a two-year period, from kennedy's assassination, to the passage of the voting rights act, when numerous of our most distinguished historians say, more legislation of huge impact on our society took place in that brief period than any other perio
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
had set up three tents and a mobil building on friday to stop israel from seizing parts of their land. the demonstrators named their site bab al-karama. the activists said they tore up the order in the faces of its release soldiers. the in camera was raided and dismantle by its release soldiers earlier today. another palestinian encampment was removed earlier this month. rebels in colombia have announced an end to a two-month unilateral ceasefire declared peace talks with the government. revolutionary armed forces, or fork, said they would have extended the truce had the government and willing to sign an accord. a columbia rejected the pact saying farc did its ceasefire pledges multiple times. military attacks against the far can continue even after rebels and the colombian government began meeting for peace talks in cuba late last year. back in the u.s., the interior department has again delayed a regulation that would require the disclosure of chemicals used in the oil drilling process of hydraulic fracturing known as fracking. it is the second time the rule's implementation has bee
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am PST
and his stance on israel are not in accord with the rest of the party. so there is some concern that maybe he may be too controversial a pick. if hi to bet, i think he probably will be confirmed. obviously the other big name is john kerry being nominated for secretary of state replacing hillary clinton and the speculation is that he will sail through and there won't be too much trouble with that nomination. >> now, how quickly can we expect these confirmations? >> you know, there's no telling how quickly some of these will go especially in the case of hagel. there may be debate. i think in the case of kerry it will be very quickly. if i had to bet, probably much of the debate over hagel will take place in the press before the vote. they'll probably do that pretty quickly. you don't want to have doubt about the secretary of defense for too awful long. >> let's talk a little bit about the cost of the inauguration. in 2008, it cost $170 million. this one the price tag not known at this point. regardless, getting a little bit of heat especially in this sort of climate that we're in today in te
Jan 21, 2013 2:00am PST
in the past about iranian sanctions and our support for israel, no longer appear to be your positions? i'm going to meet with him this week and, the committee i'm sure in those hearings, i'll have questions there, as well. and look forward to the chance to talk to him about what he'd do. he's going to have a lot to say about our national defense for a long time. as the secretary of defense, at this time. if he becomes the secretary of defense. >> chris: senator blunt, thank you, thanks so much for coming in. always a pleasure to talk to you. up next the president takes a combative tone as he begins his second term. we'll ask our panel how this aggressive approach will work in a divided government. ♪ i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 7
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
between israel and egypt. there was a pledge of peace between israel and the palestinians, and that issue has not gone out the back door. my hope is it will be resurrected and we can have peace for israel which has been one of my prayers for over 30 years and peace for their neighbors as well. i just got back from china, and my concern is there is an element of antagonism that is building between the united states and china, which could degenerate into a very serious confrontation. i hope that will change, because when i left office, we had just normalized diplomatic relations with china. that's another concern. i think there is going to be now a movement on immigration, which i just pointed out. i noticed he mentioned global warming and environment. that's another thing we need to move forward to attend to. he has a big agenda ahead of him, and very serious problems in several countries in the world, but i think his movement out of war, as he said, ending a deca decade, as a matter of fact, more than a decade of war, i hope that will prevail. >> thank you, mr. president. enjoy the lunch.
Jan 21, 2013 12:00pm EST
in the military were able to do. i do hope that america can come closer together with israel in its defense against the people who are trying to blow her off the planet. >> joining us from richmond, virginia, is george. >> i have two comments i would like to make. first, the president had an excellent inaugural address. the one thing i hope he would do in order to get congress to work with him is what he said at the end. the people need to voice their opinions. they need to act. i remember one time i think it was president kennedy, getting public feeling on issues, i think that helped. help him to get this country moving forward. >> thanks for the call. words from the president from today's inaugural address, he said "each time we gather to inaugurate a president, we bear witness to the enduring strength of our constitution, we affirm the promise of our democracy, it is not the color burst again of the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names that makes us exceptional, what makes us americans is our allegiance to an idea, articulated in a declaration that was made more than two centu
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
. they went after him for the israel, for comments he made about -- >> myrlie evers, widow of the late, great myrlie evers. >> america, we are here, our nation's capitol, on this day, january 21, 2013, the inauguration of our 45th president, barack obama. we come at this time to ask blessings upon our leaders. the president, vice president, members of congress, all elected and appointed officials of the united states of america. we are here to ask blessings upon our armed forces, blessings upon all who contribute to the essence of the american spirit. the american dream. the opportunity to become whatever our mankind, womankind allows us to be. this is the promise of america. as we sing the words of belief, this is my country, let us act upon the meaning that everyone is included. may the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of every woman, man, boy and girl be honored. may all your people, especially the least of these, flourish in our blessed nation. 150 years after the emancipation proclamation and 50 years after the march on washington, we celebrate the spirit of our ancestors which ha
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
n de china y japón hasta lo que acaba de pasar en mali, argelia, israel, la guerra civil en siria, y para colmo la transición venezolana de la cual sabemos muy poco. >>> vamos con luis mejid, con las reacciones de las personas que vinieron hoy, cómo se vivió este momento entre los asistentes. >>> satcha pretto, el presidente decía anoche a un grupo pequeño de simpatizantes, que esto era una celebración del país, pero sin duda, hoy en día hay muchos demócratas, y menos republicanos que sin duda hubieran querido ver la toma de posesión del gobernador mitt romney, otros simplemente quieren ser testigos de al historia, tenemos al señor john villamil, vicepresidente de aspira, una organización que univisión conoce muy bien, que trabaja educando a los jóvenes, cuál es el mayor contraste que ha notado. >>> la cantidad de público, en aquel momento habían 1,2 millones, pasados el washington memorial en aquel momento, pero ahora la cantidad es mucho menor. >>> pero también los desafíos del país y del presidente barack obama, también son impresionantes con la polarización
FOX News
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
of questions for him and his stance towards iran and israel. he has already asked so many of those questions on the sidelines. certainly it is usual that the president gets picked a cabinet. it is certainly republicans will have their questions. megyn: just a little bit of information on the fashion on the president and first lady's daughters. malia obama is wearing a j. crew ensemble and sasha obama is wearing a kate spade ensemble. >> the ladies at home are with me and they care. hillary clinton has some new glasses which we should remark upon. we will talk about the first lady who also be wearing some j. crew a little bit later. it can go to j. crew and look at the first lady. here is the second lady right here. let's check in with paul. reporter: hello, megyn. we had the first big incidents when sasha and malia came out. the last few people being squeezed into the mall viewing area here. people are wandering around and have turned to go to their seats. james taylor will play for the president takes his oath. the crowd is enthusiastic. we have a beautiful sunrise this morning. before that
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)